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We convert your scanned paper drawings, hand-drawn, and almost any other medium into an accurate, editable CAD drawings; as if drawn by the designer, or architect themselves. Hand to CAD can convert your drawings into almost any format! Thank you for stopping by our site


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We follow your exact specifications, from layers and text to symbols, titleblock, scale, hatching, custom linetypes, viewports, x-refs, z-values, polygon layers, attributed blocks, and much more! No drawing is too complex or too dense. As-built, sketches, markups, pasteups and oversized sheets are no problem! You can supply field notes and we can incorporate the data into the CAD files. We can merge separate sheets into a single CAD file, with edge-to-edge matching or overlays.

We offer nearly every CAD related service!

  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Raster to vector Conversion
  • Scanned drawings to CAD Conversion
  • Hand drawing to CAD Conversion
  • DWG, DGN, DWF Conversion
  • PDF to CAD conversion
  • Legacy Drawing Conversion
  • Blueprints to CAD conversion
  • Multilayer CAD conversion
  • Piping Plan, Survey Drawing, Site Plan Conversion

Guaranteed Accuracy and any changes requested will be made immediately

    These are not raster to vector conversions. Hand to CAD completely converts your drawings as if we were the designer/architect themselves which obviously, significantly cuts your costs. Raster to vector conversion is widely used for conversion services but create inaccurate conversions that were not meant for construction purposes but for general backups of CAD Files. Hand to CAD does not use raster to vector conversion.

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