BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Drafting Services

Hand To CAD uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) software as part of our dedication to setting industry standards in terms of design quality.

With BIM, a full three-dimensional, data-driven model of the structure is used instead of the more conventional two-dimensional drawings. Customers, builders, and end users all benefit from the efficiencies and enhancements made possible by this technology. Building parking garages, fire stations, visitor centers, offices, school additions, and multi-story housing are just some of the projects that have been completed successfully.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) design is a method utilized by our in-house team of structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineers that improves collaboration between technical staff and our clients and speeds up the design process overall. This teamwork ensures that the project is completed quickly, effectively, and with minimal input from individual team members.

Models made with AutoDesk and Bentley MicroStation software can be used to make the approval process more transparent by giving clients and owners access to detailed three-dimensional representations of the work in progress. With this enhanced visual representation of the design, the owners have received a functional product. In addition, the model’s data-driven components enable smart system elements to automatically schedule and label equipment, decreasing the potential for human error and risk in design drawings.

With the help of BIM’s conflict identification features, Hand To CAD can produce a design of exceptional quality, cutting down on change orders and construction delays. Major time and money savings can be realized, as well as a sped-up construction schedule, when design conflicts are discovered and resolved before the project is even submitted for approval.
Using BIM, our team can conduct in-depth analyses of the design, such as checks on the electrical wiring, lighting, and environmental control. Documentation for high-performance structures is made possible by Hand To CAD’s ability to compute LEED points, projected energy costs, and carbon footprints.