DWG to DGN Conversion Drawings




Converting DWG files to DGN format is possible thanks to our team’s extensive experience in the industry.
An explanation of the CAD file format conversion from DWG to DGN.

The businesses use Autodesk’s AutoCAD software to create detailed drawings, such as electrical layouts, component drawings, and schematics. Standardized CAD file formats for use in various industries exist. In Australia, Bentley Micro-station is widely used in the mining industry, which is why it is also widely used in the rail industry. Included in the package are manufacturers that offer DGN files (a Microstation file format) for use in creating drawings.

In recent versions of AutoCAD, the option to Export to DGN has been made available. Both DWG and DGN file formats are supported by Bentley Microstation. In light of this, I don’t see any issues arising. Because of the importance of following CAD Standards established by the industry, this is not a simple task. Files must be referenced properly (AutoCAD uses Xref) and organized into appropriate layers (AutoCAD uses layers).

How can we assist with DWG to DGN Conversion?

Converting from AutoCAD (DWG) to MicroStation (DGN) is now possible with DWG to DGN Format Conversion. It can read and modify DGN files, which are a subset of the DWG format. By converting DWG files to DGN, you can use them with any CAD program. We provide CAD conversions that are accurate and in line with industry standards.

Typically, 2D drawings, such as electrical or mechanical layouts, component drawings, or schematics, need to be converted to CAD. The first step would be to identify a point of contact within network rail or LUL and to obtain the appropriate CAD Standard. Due to the multi-drawing nature of these projects. We went from having ten drawings to having a thousand or more as we worked on various projects. Our team of experts uses industry-leading CAD software to convert dwg files and support international expansion for our clients.

Usually, the following work can be required

  • Clean out existing DWG Files (remove redundant layers, blocks etc.)

  • Assign new Levels within Micro-station

  • Reference and fill out new Title block

  • Check all Reference Files

  • Check Model Origins

In order to maintain quality control, we would liaise directly with Network Rail or LUL, whichever is preferred.

To make the switch from DWG to DGN or vice versa, send us your files. We can convert CAD files between any two formats, and can work with DWG, DGN, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and older versions of AutoCAD (V7 and V8 MX). When converting from DGN to DWG, our method keeps the layers and levels intact.

How much does a DWG to DGN CAD Conversion cost?

How far off the DWG files currently exist from the necessary CAD Standard is a factor. In most cases, we generate a sample file and have it notarized. A price per file average is calculated based on the data in the sample file provided. 

How secure are is our information with HandtoCAD?

Many businesses outsource their CAD Conversion to developing nations like India because of the apparent low costs of labor there. To add, it is against our policy to hire outside help. Our dedicated servers and American-based offices ensure that all of our work is completed without delay.