GIS Drafting




GIS Drafting Services

Utility Mapping (Power, Telecommunication, Water & Gas)

Utility drafting is associated with public utilities such as GAS, Electric, Water, and Telecommunications. RRAV Geotec team has extensive experience and expertise in the utility mapping services. 

Proposal/Permit Drafting Services

We are offering our Proposal Drafting Services. RRAV Geotec team has extensive experience and expertise in proposal drafting services. 

As Built Drafting

As part of our As Built Drafting services, we create revised drawings (based on a site survey) after project completion for documentation purposes. In these drawings, on-site modifications and adjustments are depicted. These drawings are used primarily in the architectural, structural, and MEP industries.

We offer various survey drafting services:

  • Detail & Contour Drafting

  • Boundary Remarks Drafting

  • Detail & Contour Drafting

  • Set Out Drafting

  • Identification Survey Drafting

  • Proposed Subdivision Drafting

  • Strata Drafting

  • Development Application Drafting

  • GPS Surveys Drafting

  • Level Surveys Drafting 

Geospatial Drafting Services

We offer Geospatial Drafting Services to various industrial sectors. We support them in acquiring and managing geospatial details to make actionable insights. 

Other Drafting Services

Our other drafting services are as follows:

– Thematic Drafting Services

–  Data Conversion & Validation

–  Digitization of maps & satellite imagery

–  Geological drafting