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Hand to CAD Bulk Document Scanning Service

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Hand to CAD Bulk Document Scanning Service

At Hand to CAD we offer a bulk document scanning service to provide high-volume scanning when it is needed. We have the infrastructure to quickly digitise historical archive files and documents, or any other large document scanning project. We have successfully delivered many high volume document scanning projects for over a decade. This includes conversion of archives to fully searchable digital archive libraries. Our bulk scanning services explained If you’re struggling with too much paper in your office, our bulk document scanning service could provide the solution.

For over a decade, Hand to CAD has successfully delivered many high volume and conversion of archives to fully searchable digital archive libraries. Our bulk scanning bureau has the capacity to scan 15 million images per month. We offer our clients the flexibility and scalability that is needed with high volume scanning projects.

Bulk document Scanning Services

All of our bulk document scanning services are accredited to ISO 9000, 27001 and 14001 best quality, and security and environment management standards. Our bulk scanning services are low cost and can provide a positive change within any organisation. Going digital using bulk scanning services offers a variety of benefits which extend far beyond digitising your documents. We offer bulk document scanning in London, bulk document scanning in Manchester and bulk document scanning services across the rest of the UK.

Why use bulk scanning services? Improve productivity Save Space Reduce outgoing costs Save money while improving workflow Boost staff morale Enjoy better green credentials and environmental impact Dedicated bulk scanning team You are allocated a dedicated team for each bulk or archive document scanning project you purchase. The team consist of the project managers, project supervisors, scanners, processing specialists, quality controllers, collection and delivery coordinators and technical staff.

Our teamwork and dedication o your project allows us to communicate effectively, allocate resources more efficiently and meet the project goals successfully. Our dedicated project managers have a at least five years of experience in managing and delivering a variety of bulk document scanning projects, consistently meeting tight delivery deadlines. Regardless of where you are in the UK or Europe, we will fully manage the entire project either on your site or at our scanning bureau.

Hand to CAD Bulk Document Scanning Service

We will also develop a scanning project plan from its inception to the delivery with clearly defined project time schedules and deadlines. The bulk document scanning process Scanning any large amount of boxes, files and folders is an important task and must be acknowledged accordingly. Our bulk scanning service ensures quality delivery by deploying carefully designed phases from the initial brief through to collection, processing and delivering of the digital batches.

fast delivery for bulk document scanning Document collection in the UK and Europe We can collect high volumes of documents or files from your location using our courier partners. scanning bulk documents preparation Preparation We remove all paperclips and staples along with other fasteners to be able to process your documents correctly.

bulk document scanning service Scanning Documents are then scanned using industrial document scanners equipped with state-of-the-art image capture cameras, data processing, image enhancement and quality control functions. Our bulk document scanning service workflow breaks the initial large volume of documents into small, automated, manageable sizes. This allows for thorough image processing and quality checking before releasing the batch to the next phase of the scanning workflow. index of bulk document scanning Indexing or cataloguing We then index your documents to create fully searchable data.

Or we can name each document by its file storage and retrieval criteria such as file title, reference number or date. secure delivery of bulk document scanning Delivery of the Scanned Files The final approved batches of the digital files are then extracted from the systems and supplied to the client via their chosen storage media such as DVD, USB, secure FTP, Halogen or Pearl Cloud.

Free Document Management Software

For the security and confidentiality of the data delivery, we can encrypt the entire data using highest level of encryption. Free document management software Halogen is our in-house document management solution, developed by experts at Hand to CAD. If your department or company does not have any bulk document or archive management system, we can supply the data in our free document management software Halogen, or host it for you on our secure cloud based document storage service, Pearl Cloud portal. We can also supply data in Microsoft SharePoint format.

The Advantages of Scanning Improved productivity Huge potential space saving Vast reductions in outgoing costs Low cost solution to saving money and improving workflow Potential boosts in staff morale Better green credentials and environmental impact There are also many other benefits that you often discover having had a digital system in place for some time.

What’s the cost of large volume document scanning services? Like all of our document scanning services, our bulk scanning service is completely bespoke and can be tailored to suit your needs. For this reason it can be difficult to give an idea of cost until we know your requirements. Why not get in touch and one of our sales team. They can talk you through your options and draw up a quote for the project. Related articles about bulk document scanning

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