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Paper to CAD Conversion and More

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Paper to CAD Conversion and More

Paper to CAD Conversion and More

Why is it important to convert your paper drawings to digital CAD drawings? One huge reason is that digital documents are virtually timeless. They won’t fade, tear, or deteriorate in any way; and, with some forethought and planning toward the creation and implementation of your digital archiving system, your digital CAD drawings will be easy to find.

This means no more searching for lost or misplaced paper drawings! Additionally, digital CAD drawings do not take large amounts of space to store, so you can eliminate paying for storage space. You know that your digital CAD drawings are safe, and they are non-fading, searchable, and can be seen by mMultiple users at the same time. Digitalizing CAD drawings has become the norm in the architectural industry because maintaining paper drawings is just too much work. So, how do you go about this paper to CAD conversion?

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

We recommend finding a service bureau that specializes in doing this kind of work. This means finding a company with both the knowledge and the equipment to scan your paper drawings and provide the highest quality, most accurate digital files, what we call HTC Perfect™ files. Whether you are a small or large corporation, you want your drawings converted with the high precision and dimensional accuracy that a HTC Perfect™ file guarantees.

HandToCAD Services, Inc. can help convert your paper-based site plans, floor plans, exterior elevations, etc., to HTC Perfect™ files. Often people are concerned about the cost associated with paper to CAD conversion, and worry that they will need to outsource their work to India or some other off-shore location in order to be able to afford the scanning and conversion service.

This is far from true! HandToCAD Services, Inc., located in Raleigh, NC U.S.A. has not only perfected the paper to CAD conversion process, but has introduced efficiencies that enable them to provide this service at prices that rival the companies located in India!

Why You Should Move You Designs from Paper to CAD The chances of data damage or loss is negligible HTC Perfect™ drawings are high quality and accurate The flow of information and ability to share drawings by e-mail or other electronic communication is enhanced Retrieval and printing of electronic documents take less time Digital CAD drawings can be systematically maintained with Document Management (EDM) and Product Data Entry (PDM) systems. What Else Can a CAD Service Bureau Do for You?

3D CAD Drawings Services

A good CAD service bureau can help you with many tasks such as: (1) converting 2D paper drawings into 3D CAD drawings; (2) digitizing floor plans; (3) architectural drafting and detailing services, including helping create plans for the house you have imagined. Rather than just converting your paper drawings to CAD, we recommend considering converting your 2D paper drawings into 3D CAD drawings. This is particularly relevant with architectural drawings like Site Plans, Floor plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof plans, Foundation Plans, or Electrical Plans, HVAC, etc.

A good service bureau should have a team of architects, engineers and draftsman who specialize in doing all kinds of CAD drawings, and who have the experience of working on many projects that meet the most stringent standards. Choose a CAD conversion service bureau that has a pool of talent on staff rather than a company that hires freelancers to do the work.

This ensures that you will have a dedicated team of talented individuals to work on your projects. Most competent service bureaus will accept the source document in any format, even hand-drawn documents or a file format like *.tif or *.jpg, etc.

 Types of CAD Files

These can be converted to *.dwg (Auto CAD file) or any other type CAD file you require. Additionally, a service bureau like HandToCAD Services, Inc. can provide raster to vector conversion and dimensioning services as well as Concrete Reinforcement Detailing, Rebar Quantity Estimating and Detailed Placement Drawings. Always make sure that the CAD conversion service bureau that you choose uses the most advanced tools and technologies and can offer” best in class” drafting services in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, Chief Architect, and Revit Architecture.

Services to Look For in Your CAD Service Bureau CAD Drafting and Conversion Services Architectural Elevations and Sections CAD drawing Architectural floor plan CAD drawing Architectural layout & landscaping CAD drawing Conversion of prints to CAD vector formats by scanning Detailed Architectural working CAD drawing Dimensioning services Electrical CAD drawing Furniture CAD drawing HVAC CAD drawing Interior designing & planning and CAD drawing Reflected ceiling plan and CAD drawing Sanitation & Piping plan and CAD drawing Sewerage & drainage plan and CAD drawing Space plan CAD drawing Structural CAD drawing Estimating and Detailing Services AutoCAD Quick & Accurate Estimation for Bid

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