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Hand To CADUS Based DraftingSince 2002

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CAD Drafting Services

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Exact Specifications

We are US based with average costs at less than $10/hr (exact pricing is provided before drafting is commenced).  We convert all aspects of your drawings, including elevations, floor plans, electrical layouts, any details, detail sheets, architectural, structural sheets, and much more.

We manually redraw everything using your layers, styles, and conventions (or ours if you don’t have a preference) with pinpoint accuracy and dimensioning. When we are finished, it will be a cad replica of the original. We use Autocad 2022 and are able to save to any prior version. If you require a different file format, we have numerous drafting programs available.

The completed files are emailed in both.dwg and.pdf formats. Unless you require them in a different format.

Hand Only Conversion

These are not vectorizations of raster images. Hand to CAD Drafting Services completely converts your drawings as if we were the designer/architect, which obviously reduces your expenses significantly. Widespread use of raster to vector conversion in conversion services results in inaccurate conversions that were not intended for construction purposes but rather for general backups of CAD Files. Hand to CAD does not convert raster to vector.

We offer a variety of 2D CAD Drafting Services – we convert from JPEG, GIF, SCAN, PNG, PSD, PDF, BMP, TIF, DOC, PPT, as well as line art, drawings (engineering, mechanical, architectural), blue prints, illustrations, business logo, maps (contour, soil, flood, topography, parcel, sewer), and aerial images into high-quality, fully scalable and editable CAD files.

Utilizing specialized design software and technology, we are able to provide 2D and 3D CAD drafting services that are individualized, economical, and accurate. Our 2D to 3D conversion service is tailored to the AEC (civil, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC), Manufacturing, Defense, and Aerospace industries. We can convert any hard copy document as well as 2d data, 2d sketches, 2d drawing, building design to immersive 3D solid model/parametric model/high resolution 3D image through some leading 3D programs like AutoCAD, BIM, Revit, Solid Works, Catia, 3ds Max etc. We can also convert any autocad files and Tif, PDF files into a BIM model.

From layers and text to symbols, titleblock, scale, hatching, custom linetypes, viewports, x-refs, z-values, polygon layers, and attributed blocks, we adhere to your exact specifications! No drawing is too intricate or dense. No problem with as-builts, sketches, markups, or oversized sheets! We can incorporate your field notes into the CAD files if you provide them. With edge-to-edge matching or overlays, we can combine multiple sheets into one CAD file.

Our Conversions are:

Dimensionally accurate – We match the dimensions shown on the drawing. Dimensions shown on the original are included in the CAD file. Any discrepancies will be addressed.

Scale – We match the scale, if they are shown. If they are not shown then we match the original print scale or raster image.

Text – 100% accurate and consistent text.

QC – Each CAD file is completely checked and are guaranteed accuracy using repeat checking procedures.

Titleblock – We insert a standard titleblock with basic information to identify the drawing which you can either keep or we can use the titleblock drawn.

Areas drawn – We draw everything shown on the drawing except for signatures, approval stamps, crossed-out text, and crossed-out views. By eliminating these areas (which many customers don’t want anyway) we can keep your costs as low as possible.

Layers – We use standard layers (such as AIA) for clear separation of information.

Linetypes, blocks, hatching – We add these to exactly match the original.

What Can Hand To CAD Drafting Services Do For You?

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