2D CAD Conversion Services

2D CAD Conversion Drafting Services

2D CAD Conversion Services
2D CAD Conversion Services
2D CAD Conversion Services
2D CAD Conversion Services

2D CAD Conversion Services at HandtoCAD

canned drawings, PDFs, and paper data can all be converted into precise CAD drawings with the help of a service called “HandtoCAD.” High-quality AutoCAD conversion services for real estate and architects are provided by HandtoCAD. This is accomplished by recreating the drawings in CAD with close attention paid to the original hard copies. We take on jobs of all scales requiring CAD conversion and provide the highest quality results possible.

Here at HandtoCAD, we have specialists who have real-world experience transforming raw data into editable CAD models. They’re well-versed in the intricacies of architectural, structural, civil, and other engineering drawings. We supply the final CAD files in the format chosen by the customer. AutoCAD is the backbone of our team’s plethora of CAD programs. AutoCAD, Revit, and Softplan are just some of the software we use. This list needs to be tailored to the specifics of each individual client.

Our 2D CAD Conversion Services

It is possible to classify HandtoCAD’s CAD conversion offerings into two categories:
Assistance with Vectorization for CAD Systems

In this procedure, raster drawings are transformed into either CAD or Vector data. Careful attention to detail is paid as our team redraws the scanned/raster drawings by hand in CAD. Layering, color-coding, standardized measurement, and consistent font styles are just some of the customization options available under CAD Vectorization.

Providers of Digital Capture for CAD Files

When you hire us for our CAD Digitization Services, we’ll convert your scanned construction plans, microfilmed drawings, or hard copies into an exact digital replica. Modifications are not included in this method.  This is cheaper, however there are sufficient drawbacks including accuracy and most likely not for permitted drawings.

Image to CAD Conversion Services

By utilizing this service, we will convert your scanned images into precise CAD representations. Both 2D and 3D images can be converted to CAD formats.
We Can Make Your Paper Sketches Look Like They Were Drawn On A Computer
To convert from paper to CAD, you must first scan your paper drawings, tracings, blueprints, etc., before redraft them by hand in CAD.

PDF to AutoCAD Conversion Services

The PDF to AutoCAD conversion service involves the complete conversion of a PDF file into accurate ACAD file with all the CAD elements like circles, arcs, text, etc. we completely redraft the PDF file using AutoCAD in this conversion.

Raster to Vector Conversion Services

When you work with HandToCAD, we manually convert your raster images into vectors so that your CAD files are error-free and you can deliver high-quality drawings to your clients. This method guarantees that the converted data is free of any mistakes. 

You may ask, “Why not use a CAD Conversion Program to Automatically Convert Drawings?”  Well, it’s simple and well noted, that CAD Conversion programs are not practical when used in the field.  Perhaps, a better use would be archive purposes.  However, when you use any of the CAD Conversion Programs, the drawings will not be accurate, and the time to clean up and correct will be more costly and timely than outsourcing your drawings. 

How do we perform CAD Conversion?
Here at HandToCAD, we’ve established a robust system that allows for the efficient, low-cost, and precise generation of CAD files. Here are the measures we take.


Once the scope of a project is understood, our experts evaluate and offer a price quote for approval. This is usually done within 24 hours. We start working on the project immediately after we get approval.


The final drafts are first checked by our team of quality analysts. Once they approve, the final drafts are then passed on to the client in client’s preferred output format.

CAD Conversion Service – Why Us?

  • Improved efficiency and command are two of our specialties.

  • Your final product will be spot-on every time when you use HandToCAD, and we’ll get it done quickly and affordably for you.

  • Quick turnaround in the desired output format

  • Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data

  • When you work with us, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.