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We provide Shop Drawings for Contractors, Manufacturers & Fabricators

What are Shop Drawings?

Primarily, shop drawings required prefabricated parts or components. Drawings and specifications provided by architects and engineers are of the highest quality. They depict the general layout of major components with limited specifics. These drawings are not suitable for fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, or installation. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we drew plans and devised a detailed construction procedure.
The shop drawings provide the manufacturer’s or contractor’s rendition of the construction documents’ information.
The shop drawing depicts construction documents that are typically detailed. It is designed to explain the fabrication and installation of the items to the manufacturer’s production and installation crews. The construction drawings include comprehensive shop and fabrication drawing solutions.
The style of the architect’s drawing differs from that of the shop drawing. The shop drawing focuses primarily on the specific product or installation. It excludes references to other products and installations unless their integration with the subject product is required.
Shop drawings incorporate the information provided by architects and engineers, as well as the applicable standards. It translates information for use by Contractors, Manufacturers, and Fabricators. It manufactures the components, assembles them, and installs them on-site. The shop drawings include more information than the architect/engineering drawings.

Shop Drawings are usually required in the Product industry for:

  • Elevators

  • Structural Steel Trusses

  • Windows

  • Cabinets

  • Air Handling Units

Shop Drawings are also required for the MEP trades in construction, such as:

  • Ductwork

  • Piping

  • Plumbing

  • Fire Alarm

  • Electrical

  • AV

  • Public Health

How can we assist with your Shop Drawing requirements?

We produce a comprehensive set of shop drawings for the manufacturing industry and the MEP trades in the construction industry. To ensure high-quality drawings and effective project management, we communicate directly with all parties. We obtain current and pertinent information.

The majority of the time, we visit the site in order to compare the information on paper to the actual environment.

We assist our clients with the approval procedure. Obtaining a rapid evaluation is crucial during the approval process. Any method that facilitates while allowing ample time for feedback and distribution should be considered. Although a procedure may be specified in the contract drawings, the majority of architects and engineers are receptive to suggestions and innovations that expedite the process.
Depending on the practice of the architect and engineer, various forms of shop drawings are necessary. The specification may stipulate a certain quantity of copies. Our shop drawings provide the best design drawings, including those for construction projects, thereby maximizing benefits and minimizing fabrication reworks. Examples of the distribution of finished and corrected shop drawings include:

  • Owner—file or inspection copy

  • Architect—file copy

  • Architect—field copy or inspection copy

  • Consulting engineer—file copy

  • Consulting engineer—inspection copy

  • Contractor—file copy

  • Contractor—field copy

  • Supplier—original copy or one copy

How much do Shop Drawings cost?

We offer fixed-price quotations because we recognize that our clients must adhere to a budget. We do not believe that hourly rates indicate the quality, timeline, or total cost of a project. Typically, we provide estimates based on Structural Engineer Drawings, Architect Drawings, or Concept Drawings. It is our designer’s intention to provide superior steel detailers, steel fabricators, contract documents, and more to ensure design and specification compliance.