Professional 2D Architecture Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting Services

Hand To CAD has provided architectural drafting services since 2002.  We work yearly with more than 40 architects and designers.  Click ‘Get a quote’ to see how much you would save switching to our architectural drafting services today.

2D Architectural Drafting Services

  • You need a plan whether you’re writing a paper, building a house, or driving to a new city. Architecture’s foundational blueprints are the product of extensive drafting and drawing. An architectural plan is required before a residential construction company can begin working on the property. Architectural drafting services become useful at this stage.

  • Architectural renderings are detailed diagrams of the building process. They include blueprints, specifications, and calculations that are crucial to the construction and code approval processes. Therefore, architectural drafting services are indispensable to your upcoming construction endeavor. Before you begin, however, you must secure the services of qualified freelance designers.

  • Here’s where the folks at HandToCAD can really help make things easier on you as a designer. We have spent a lot of time matching ambitious business owners with talented designers. We know you’re looking for a firm that can work quickly, expertly, and effectively to achieve your design objectives, and we can provide just that.

  • The advantages of architectural drafting can be brought to your project by our worldwide network of freelance designers. Learn how our architectural drafting services can help your company and how we’re prepared to take care of every step of the process so you don’t have to.

    Why architectural drafting is necessary

    • One of the first and most important things you’ll do to get your next building project ready to go is architectural drafting. If you’re on the fence about investing in architectural drafting or are curious about the benefits this service can provide for your business, consider the following.

    • It shows off the structural features of a building concept While a photograph can show you every last detail, a draft will show you the actual forms and dimensions that were employed. It is crucial to know if all measurements are correct in a building project, so it is important to understand the precise shapes and sizes involved.

    • Give your contractor the information they need Your construction crew will need this data for planning purposes, as with any other project. In order to initiate and finish the process, they require specifics and plans. Your budget and schedule will thank you for providing all the necessary details for the architect to begin drafting right away.

    • Develop an idea furtherLet’s say you’ve come up with a fantastic scheme for a piece of real estate. Great! In what way do you plan to convey that information? A rough sketch can still communicate your thoughts and give you a foundation on which to build the technical details and requirements.

    • Help clients understand your idea Some of the decisions you’ve made for this project might not make intuitive sense to your end users right away. By providing them with a draft of the building, you can explain the reasoning behind certain design decisions and the numbers that went into them.

    • Record-keeping Documenting the work you and your team accomplish is essential. Whether you’re dealing with an established building or a new construction, you never know when you’ll need to look back at old paperwork. Confirming specifications, providing zoning information, or guiding a client through a process similar to your own may be required. Consequently, architectural renderings are an essential part of your building’s permanent documentation.

    These are just some of the many reasons why you should use architectural drafting services. The architects at HandToCAD are firm believers in the value of architectural drafting for both individuals and businesses. The first step in putting these uses into action, however, is to locate a capable freelance drafter.

    Our architectural drafting services

    Look into our architectural drafting services to learn more about how we can aid in the development of your architectural design process.

    2D drawings and floor plan design

    In what ways does the area serve its purpose? The photorealism of the visuals puts you in the room, while the accessibility of the 2D floor plans helps you get a feel for the layout. Based on your requirements, our architects will draft an overhead perspective of the space your clients are considering renting or buying.

  • Architectural drawing services produce blueprints and schematics for construction companies to use in accordance with local building codes and client requirements. We have a worldwide pool of skilled designers ready to take care of all the necessary paperwork for you.
    Design of an architectural building – An outline is a necessary first step in writing any type of paper. This detailed map is what architects call a site plan, and it’s what construction crews will use to put up a new building, whether it’s a home or a store. When it comes to precision, accuracy, and keeping within the allotted budget, site plans are indispensable. Our freelance designers have the focus and organizational skills to make sure all the necessary drafts and models are made for this service.

  • Architectural presentation services help clients and investors see the value in your work and make a financial commitment. To help with this step, there are companies that specialize in presenting architectural designs. Our team can take your rough sketches and model prototypes and turn them into polished presentations that not only sell your products but also explain the thinking that went into them.

  • AutoCAD is a great drafting program for creating accurate and detailed drawings and drafts, making it useful for anyone in the construction industry, from interior designers to real estate agents to architects to general contractors. Our team is committed to using only the highest-quality tools and software, which is why AutoCAD is a staple in our architectural design department.

    CAD drafting 

    Computers have simplified and streamlined the process of creating technical drawings and blueprints in recent years. Computer-aided design (CAD) software helps designers make better, more time-efficient models in parallel with live sketching. Specifically, CAD allows for the precise production of technical drafts, blueprints, and overall architectural design.


    Electrical drafting and design

  • It is simple to overlook the significance of energy systems when designing a building. However, utilities must be mapped out for zoning and general paperwork purposes. Electrical systems and any other forms of energy that need to be arranged in the space must be included in the technical drawings. Our designers can make sure that your electrical systems are drawn precisely to code and that the right decisions are made at every stage of the construction process.

  • When working on an architectural project, it can be difficult to visualize the size of various elements without resorting to the use of isometric drawings. That’s why it’s important to use an isometric drawing service when designing. A three-dimensional object is depicted in an isometric drawing. As this method makes it much simpler to see an object in its proper scale, our designers can benefit from it.
    Additionally to standard architectural drafting services, our designers also provide the following. Please visit our Services page to learn more about the supplementary design services we offer.