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Find designers to help your company convert paper designs into CAD programs

As technology and innovation continue to advance in the world of design and modeling, it is more important than ever for your organization to have the tools necessary to create detailed models. Some design projects may require the use of computer-aided design (CAD), while others may require a more “traditional” approach to drafting and modeling.

In the fields of architecture and engineering, a paper draft is frequently the initial step in the design procedure. In lieu of AutoCAD or another CAD program, a pen and paper may be the most important design tool. It is highly probable that blueprints, machinery drafts, and architectural layouts will need to be converted from paper to a CAD program. This is why the paper-to-CAD conversion process is so crucial to the design process.

Paper to CAD conversion is the process of taking paper-based drawings and converting them into digital form. Many times, this is done to prepare for 3D modeling design and the addition of photorealistic features. 

Paper designs can be converted to a number of software programs, but MicroStation is one of the most popular. MicroStation is an industry-leading CAD platform that allows designers to create 2D and 3D models and drafts. It is utilized primarily in the architectural and engineering industries, which are known for their extensive use of paper drafts.

The drafters at HandToCAD are skilled at converting paper designs, layouts, blueprints, and other types of drafts into CAD Designs, particularly for software platforms such as MicroStation. In addition to being conversion specialists, they also offer MicroStation design services, as well as drafting and modeling assistance. Each of our designers and drafters has been thoroughly vetted and is an industry expert.

The drafters at HandToCAD can provide you with the required MicroStation Drafting Services, conversion, and drafting services. They recognize the significance of approaching every conversion, drafting, and design project with concentration and attention to detail.

The importance of MicroStation software for paper to CAD conversions

While AutoCAD is widely used in the industry, MicroStation has also become a favorite tool for CAD services as well as modeling.

Regarding architecture and engineering, MicroStation has become the industry standard. The software enables designers to view, model, document, and visualize projects of varying scale and complexity. Its adaptability and durability make it an ideal system for converting paper to CAD. The software is renowned for its robust BIM (Business Information Modeling) feature, which enables designers to streamline workloads, collaborate with team members, and design and manage building models with greater ease.

In addition to its BIM capabilities, MicroStation’s Power Draft feature assists designers in creating well-designed models and implementing a consistent design strategy across all projects. MicroStation provides many of the tools available to designers and drafters, whether they are attempting to create a residential property blueprint, an electrical layout, or a model of new robotic machinery.
The drafters at Hand To CAD are proficient in designing and drafting with MicroStation and similar software. Our MicroStation conversion services enable you to locate or be matched with a designer capable of converting paper drawings into digital models or electronic images using MicroStation conversion tools. Our designers have been trained to use MicroStation to capture the originality and creativity of your hand-drawn blueprints, layouts, and plans. We are also pleased to offer MicroStation drafting and modeling services via our designers.

Paper to CAD conversion for architecture and engineering

Despite the fact that many different industries require paper-to-CAD conversion, architecture and engineering are two of the most common ones. Despite the expense of employing a drafter or drawer, many architects and engineers still prefer hand-drawn designs and plans. During the initial phases of a construction project or the creation of complex machinery, drawings can provide an initial level of understanding and detail. However, contractors and clients will benefit from detailed and high-quality digital designs, even if these methods are preferred in the initial stages of the design process.

Although a blueprint may be detailed and provide a more in-depth look at the thought process behind a design project, it must be fully realized in a program such as MicroStation in order to be fully comprehended. Architectural Design Firms and engineering projects are likely to have a large number of stakeholders, a substantial amount of money and resources at stake, and strict deadlines. Accuracy and precision are of the utmost importance in this situation. Therefore, designers who can convert paper drawings and plans into CAD designs are required.

Hiring a freelance designer who can efficiently convert your paper drafts will save you money, time, and stress on your upcoming architectural or engineering project. In addition, you can utilize HandToCAD’s MicroStation modeling services so that you do not have to pick up where they left off. Instead of sending the designs back to you to determine the modeling elements, our expert freelancers can create detailed, accurate, and client-specific architectural or engineering models.

Applications of paper to CAD conversions

These conversions have a wide range of applications. First, let’s examine their utility.

Permanent storage – Paper to CAD conversions allow you to save or store your designs and drawings permanently for future use or reference.

Release physical storage space – paper drawings and drafts can occupy a substantial amount of space. By eliminating the paper and converting these drafts into a software program, you can free up more storage space in your office.

Easier collaboration – It is considerably more difficult to collaborate with team members on a design when everything is on paper. Converting from paper to CAD allows you to quickly collaborate on designs and models with others.
Instead of mailing a paper draft, conversions allow you to send digital designs via email or share them on cloud-based platforms.

Create more detailed designs – Even the most skilled draftsman may struggle to create photorealistic, high-quality designs on paper. Transferring these designs to a program such as MicroStation enables designers to add the necessary details and realism.

Understanding why paper-to-CAD conversions are advantageous aids in comprehending their application. This procedure is applicable to site plans, electrical and mechanical layouts, floor plans, HVAC systems, blueprints, and any other paper-based documentation. It is essential to remember that all drawings must be sufficiently large and sharp for a scanner. While it is true that technology has advanced to recognize a variety of designs, drafters still require high-quality drawings for scanning.

Before the conversion process, designers will likely clean up the design to ensure that it is legible and as close to the correct size as possible. However, ensuring a drawing’s clarity before sending it to a designer will increase efficiency and productivity.

Our paper to CAD conversion services

HandToCAD works with businesses of all sizes to provide them with the design and drafting assistance they require. Our paper-to-CAD conversion services and MicroStation drafting and modeling services will ensure that you are matched with a designer who can convert your drawing into a vector that is easily editable and modifiable in CAD software.

Whether you’re working with building contractors, engineers, or architects, we want to help you prioritize your business objectives and project outcomes. We accomplish this by handling the designer hiring process. We can organize a “design contest” that sends you bids, allow designers to send you private quotes, or assist you in establishing an ongoing contract with a designer or drafter.

Our drafters and designers have been thoroughly screened and have years of experience in their respective design fields. They are individuals who take their work seriously and are committed to assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in need of assistance.
HandToCAD is committed to assisting entrepreneurs and business owners by providing superior drafting services, ranging from paper-to-CAD conversions to MicroStation design.