2d CAd Services

Experience Matters

HandtoCAD is a certified established 2D CAD services provider located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have been providing 2D CAD services to customers around the globe for more than 20 years.


Our Commitment to you

  • HandtoCAD employs a team of dedicated, experienced and expert drafting professionals
  • Flexible Production Schedule
  • Delivery of Projects within Deadline & Pricing.  Both provided BEFORE we begin.  No suprise charges ever.
  • International Standard Outputs & Assurance of Information Security
  • High Quality & Cost-effective Services.  Each project is separately QA checked by the lead drafter.


Quality Conversions

  • These are not raster to vector conversions. Hand to CAD completely converts your drawings as if we were the designer/architect themselves which obviously, significantly cuts your costs. Raster to vector conversion is widely used for conversion services but create inaccurate conversions that were not meant for construction purposes but for general backups of CAD Files. Hand to CAD does not use raster to vector conversion.

Customize to your choice.

We follow your exact specifications, from layers and text to symbols, titleblock, scale, hatching, custom linetypes, viewports, x-refs, z-values, polygon layers, attributed blocks, and much more! No drawing is too complex or too dense. As-built, sketches, markups, pasteups and oversized sheets are no problem! You can supply field notes and we can incorporate the data into the CAD files. We can merge separate sheets into a single CAD file, with edge-to-edge matching or overlays.

Our promise to you

  • Fast Service – we offer 48 hour turnaround on small jobs (fewer than 5 drawings) and we’re equipped to handle rush jobs. We’re fast on large jobs, too, and we’ll give you an estimated delivery date before commencing.
  • No job to big or too small – we handle all jobs, from the largest to the smallest with the same attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Great Prices – when you deal with us, you’re dealing directly with the conversion shop that does the work, so there’s middle-man price mark-up.
  • Guaranteed Price – The price will not be greater than quoted. Payment can be made in increments as plans and plans sent separately. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll fix it within 24 hours at no additional cost. If you are not 100% satisfied with us, we will credit your account or refund your money. No hassles, no debate.

What can we convert?

  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Raster to vector Conversion
  • Scanned drawings to CAD Conversion
  • Hand drawing to CAD Conversion
  • DWG, DGN, DWF Conversion
  • PDF to CAD conversion
  • Legacy Drawing Conversion
  • Blueprints to CAD conversion
  • Multilayer CAD conversion
  • Piping Plan, Survey Drawing, Site Plan Conversion

US Based 2D CAD Services ONLY $10/hr

2D CAD Services

2D CAD Services

2D CAD Services

Hand Drawings to CAD offers high-quality drafting and drawing services. Our 2D CAD services encompass the architectural, structural, and civil engineering fields amongs many others.

We provide seamless shop drawing and drafting services with improved efficiency on your design processes, presentation styles, and CAD libraries, including ‘easy-to-modify’ revision control, linked annotations, and layer management in accordance with engineering CAD standards (ANSI/ASME Y14.1, ISO).

We provide 2D CAD services that are accurate, cost-effective, and reasonably priced. We serve both local and outsourced businesses with professionalism and care.

2D CAD Services We Offer

Accuracy is a crucial component of the 2D drafting and drawing process at Hand Drawings to CAD. The results of completely redrawn CAD drawings will be clean, accurate, and simple to use. The general 2D drafting services we provide are:

Architectural 2D Drafting and Drawings

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Preliminary Drawings
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Section and Elevation Drawings
  • As-built Drawings
  • Architectural Shop Drawings
  • Millwork Drawings
  • Interior Design CAD Drafting
  • Drafting Support for Retail Space Planners
  • Retail Store Fixture and Layout Drawings
  • Retail signage CAD drawings

Other Engineering Drawings

  • Electrical and Electronic Drawings


  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Mechanical Shop Drawings
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Exploded and Isometric Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Sheetmetal Design and Weldment Drawings
  • Machine Drawings
  • Engineering (MEP) Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings


  • Structural Design Drawings
  • Structural Steel Detailing

We have extended experience and successful results in the following fields:

  • Residential, Commercial and Hotel Building We offer drafting services for floor drawings, wall sections, elevations, door and window details, roof framing, roof sections etc.
  • Retail Stores We offer assistance with retail space planning, store layout optimization, fixture layout design, signage shop drawings and graphic layout design, in-store/visual merchandising design, and millwork and cabinet work designs.
  • Interiors We provide diverse drafting services for non-structural and furniture layouts, reflected ceiling plans, lighting drawings, and more..
  • Urban Planning We draft building blocks and landscaping, sections through the site, site plans, contour mapping, as well as axonometric drawings to illustrate the three-dimensional form of development.
  • Road and Infrastructure Engineering Services We provide assistance with design, modeling, and drafting for water resource planning, road transportation and traffic management, energy and waste management, drainage, and potable water supply.
  • Engineering Drafting We provide precise drafting services for manufacturing and structural details, MEP plans, fabrication and assembly drawings, and construction documents.

Tools and Software for 2D Drafting Services:

  • AutoCAD®
  • MicroStation®
  • Revit®
  • CIVIL 3D
  • Sketch up
  • Cabinet vision
  • X-Steel
  • Tekla
  • SolidWorks®
  • Solidedge
  • CREO
  • CATIA®
  • Autodesk® Inventor®
  • Unigraphics/NX
  • Onshape
  • Kenesto

Service Process for 2D Drafting

When outsourcing your drafting services, Hand Drawings to CAD’s project management stands out. The focus of the project planning, reviews, communication, and documentation is to provide you with high-quality drafting and design services. The principal phases of the outsourcing procedure are outlined below:

  • Project planning At this stage, you can provide us with information about your project and the type of required drawings. We will consult with you and assign a project manager to oversee the entire drawing process. You will also receive a quote.
  • Drafting After learning all of your specifications and signing the contract, we will begin converting all of your sketches into effective and accurate CAD drawings.
  • Reviews We will involve you throughout the entire drawing process to ensure that the required level of detail is achieved. This will also guarantee that all of your specifications are included in the drawings. At this point, any necessary corrections can be made.
  • Delivery Upon completion of all reviews and corrections, we can deliver the required formats for your drawings, as determined during the project planning phase, via a secure file transfer arrangement. Several quality control procedures will be performed prior to the final delivery.

Outsourcing Benefits at Hand Drawings To CAD

By entrusting the conversion of your 2D drafting to CAD to Hand Drawings, the distribution and sharing of your collection of drawings with your entire team becomes significantly simpler. In addition, CAD drafting permits the optimal utilization of 2D legacy data. Additional benefits of outsourcing your drawings to us include:

  • Precise drawings with extensive QA checks
  • Meticulous construction drawings
  • Legibility, speed and accuracy
  • Exact scaling and the incorporation of exact specifications
  • Attention to detail regarding your requirements
  • Team of drafting experts with extensive knowledge in CAD drafting
  • Time efficient retrieval process of the designs and documentations.
  • Cost reduction
  • Data safety and professional output
  • Services of the highest quality
  • Accurate 2D drafting results within quoted time frame

With an efficient team and modern technology, we can provide 2D drafting and detailing services for residential units as well as large industrial sites.

Contact Hand Drawings To CAD for 2D Drafting and 2D Drawing

Contact Hand Drawings To CAD for 2D drafting and 2D drawing outsourcing. We guarantee the highest quality services at the lowest prices.

Paper To CAD

Paper To CAD – 2D CAD Services

  • We convert drawings from JPEG, TIFF, or similar formats
  • Keeping the dimensions of the drawings intact and exact
  • Utilizing conventional blocks and attributes
  • Conversion of paper drawings while preserving ID points
  • Paper maps converted using the poly line/LFX method

    Conversion to File Format Type

    • DWG – A binary file format used by AutoDesk AutoCAD. It contains 2D or 3D objects and offers compression and a CRC check for internal data.
    • DXF – Contour elevation plots in AutoCAD DXF format.
    • JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group is a standard method of compression for photographic images.
    • TIFF Group IV – Tagged Image File Format is a file format mainly for storing images, including photographs and line art.
    • PDF – Portable Document Format is used for representing 2D documents in a device-independent and display-resolution-independent fixed-layout document format.
    • CALS – CALS raster file format is standard for the interchange of graphics data.
    • PCX – PCX is an image file format developed by the ZSoft Corporation and became one of the first widely accepted DOS imaging standards, although has been succeeded by other formats.
    • BMP – BMP is a bitmapped graphics format and commonly used as a simple graphics file format on Microsoft Windows and OS/2.
    • SVF – Serial Vector Format is used in boundary scan tests of electronics.



    Individuals with artistic ability and a strong interest in mathematics and technology are required for architectural drafting. And at Arcengine, we are pleased to announce that our Architectural drafters and designers define the design elements for construction drawings and building design drafting with AutoCAD while working on your layouts and sketches.

    We provide worldwide architectural drafting and designing services authorized for enhancing construction plans and architectural drafting for residential and commercial projects.

    Architectural Drafting – 2D CAD Services

    At Hand Drawings To CAD, we offer various presentation drawing services to our clients.

    • Site Plans
    • Construction Drawings
    • Permit Sets
    • Presentation Drawings

    Architectural 2D CAD services at Hand Drawings To CAD are provided by a seasoned team proficient in AutoCAD and Revit. Our teams of qualified and experienced CAD designers will work on your project to make it stand out from the competition. As a result, we strive to enhance the capacity of cutting-edge technology to generate 2D engineering drawings, 3D CAD drawings, and outsourcing CAD conversion services in the most modern format.

    Hand Drawings To CAD’s primary focus is on developing and delivering CAD drawings that are of the highest quality and contain all required information with extreme precision. We provide our clients with the necessary information. Architectural drafting created by us will be of great assistance for the representation of plans and the comprehension of essential elements such as site plan, construction drawing, permit set, and presentation drawing. Hand Drawings To CAD specializes in the production of detailed architectural and civil site engineering drawings for a variety of simple and complex projects.

    Find our Comprehensive Services related to

    CAD architectural drawings related to

    • Site plans, floor plans, roof layout, interior details, section, elevation, note, and symbols.
    • Door and window schedule
    • As-built drawing
    • Structure drawing
    • Millwork shop drawing, architectural millwork drawing
    • HVAC shop drawing
    • Furniture manufacturers and interior renders
    • Conversion of paper drawings into AutoCAD and 2d to 3d drawings

    Architectural Drafting for Buildings

    • Architectural casework shop drafting
    • Industrial building
    • High and low-risk building
    • Architectural drafting for the educational industry, parking garages
    • Restaurants and hotels
    The primary focus of Hand Drawings To CAD is the creation and delivery of CAD drawings that are of the highest quality and contain all required information with extreme precision. We supply our customers with the necessary information. Our drafting will be of great assistance in the depiction of plans for the comprehension of essential elements such as site plan, construction drawing, permit set, and presentation drawing. Hand Drawings To CAD specializes in producing comprehensive CAD drawings and civil site engineering drawings for all sorts of simple and complex projects.

    Architectural Drafting Service– Why Us?

    • At Hand Drawings To CAD, we have demonstrated our value by consistently increasing the quality of drawings; we strive to develop strong communication through the documentation.
    • We submit elite quality work at cost-effective prices. There will be no hidden charges as the expenses and pricing will be discussed before starting of the project.
    • At Hand Drawings To CAD, we create high-quality AutoCAD and Revit drafting with fine details.
    • Our highly skilled and experienced team produces architectural drawings of the highest caliber.
    • We consider our client’s time to be very valuable and therefore, we aim to deliver the project at the scheduled time.
    • We consider feedbacks are a crucial element of growth and such we grip on the project to make it exactly as you require.

    Blueprints To CAD

    Blueprints to CAD Conversion – Resources When You Need Them

    It can be a bit of a dilemma for you to decide how to allocate your resources within your organization if you occasionally need to convert blueprints to CAD but not always. If you need to convert blueprints to digital, but you’re not sure you should simply trust someone in-house to learn that skill who hasn’t done it much before, it can leave you in a lurch. That’s because you need these CAD files to put your best foot forward in several different contexts. You need to have confidence that your needs for converting blueprints to CAD will be met, but at what cost?

    Save yourself the headache that relates to figuring out your ongoing but not necessarily constant need to convert blueprints to CAD. The Drawing Specialists is here to help, and we’ll take care of your blueprint to CAD needs on an on-call basis. Not to mention, we’ll do it in a way that will save you money, time, and worry. You won’t even need to worry about purchasing expensive equipment or hiring a full- or part-time employee to handle this need.


    The Specific Challenge – Convert PDF to CAD

    If you need to convert a blueprint to CAD, but you don’t need to do it constantly, it can lead to a bit of a conundrum for you in terms of how you allocate your resources within your organization. If you need to convert blueprints to digital, but you’re not sure you should simply trust someone in-house to master that ability who hasn’t done it much before, it can put you in a lurch. This is because you need these CAD files to present yourself favorably in a variety of contexts. You need to be able to trust that your designs to CAD conversion demands are addressed, but at what cost?

    Save yourself the headache that relates to figuring out your ongoing but not necessarily constant need to convert blueprints to CAD. The Drawing Specialists is available on an as-needed basis to convert your blueprints to CAD files. In addition, we’ll do so in a way that will save you time and money, and you won’t need to purchase expensive equipment or hire a full- or part-time employee to fulfill this need.

    Drawings To CAD

    Why does the Hand Drawings To CAD process work? | What is different than what I have tried before? | 
    Is this automated canned software? No, that requires hours of clean-up! 

     Fair questions and Statements!

    Our years of experience, exclusively unique systems and processes that combine automation with hands on digitization. As well, our 8 point QA/Quality Control  process leaves nothing to chance and provides you with CAD drawings that are accurate and ready for immediate use to your specifications.

    Send us your files in any format, including hard copies, prints, scans, PDF, JPEG, or TIFF. Good or poor quality drawings and let Hand Drawings To CAD create superior quality CAD files; risk free. Contact Us.

    We take pride in our work and offer top quality CAD conversions at the most affordable rates in the market. Our usual turnaround time is 3 business days for 1-5 sheets and 3 to 5 business days for orders of up to ten sheets. Let us know your requirements.

    • Paper to AutoCAD
    • Raster to Vector
    • PDF to AutoCAD
    • TIFF to AutoCAD
    • Photographs to CAD Conversion
    • Multilayered
    • Hand sketches to AutoCAD
    • MicroStation
    • AutoCAD

    How Can Your Firm Benefit by Utilizing Hand Drawings To CAD 2D CAD Services?

    • You will have immediate cost reduction in your projects. 
    • You will save time, allowing staff to focus on other tasks.
    • We can get your project up and running quickly, usually in just 1–2 business days depending on how urgently you need the work done.
    • We have superb quality assurance and using your specifications

    Problem Drawings?

    Problem Drawings? Not a problem! Here’s the Proof!! You did a great job and met our expectations 100%

    Not a problem!  

    Here’s the Proof!! Repeat clients that have returned month after month and year after year!


    “Fantastic job!  150 home plans to CAD is no easy feat! Definitely exceeded our expectations 100%.” – UMA Engineering

    “Hey guys, thanks so much for all the work you ‘ve done for us over the years.  We’re always happy to refer you guys!” – Stantec Consulting Engineers

    “Great work! I appreciate your speedy reply and completion of this sketch. Klingner & Associates, P.C. says, “We will definitely use your services again and recommend you to others.”

    To get in touch with Hand Drawings To CAD, just click here.

    Civil Drafting

    Civil Drafting

    Hand Drawings To CAD’s civil drafting 2D CAD services are a specialist service that focuses only on the design and architectural components of civil engineering. The main distinction is that the designers and engineers must be certified in the field of civil engineering. Civil drafting is an integral part of any construction project.

    Paper drawings and photographs are no longer the exclusive medium for recreating architectural and civil designs. More individuals are using digital drawings of designs due to its versatility in archiving and retrieval. In addition, simple editing makes life easier for engineers, architects, and contractors.

    Construction drawings – 2D CAD Services

    Our civil drafting services are aimed at relieving project managers from the nightmare of choked deadlines that threaten to derail their project plans. We assume full responsibility for your construction drawings, which are produced using cutting-edge technology to ensure quick turnaround times and seamless integration with the project schedule. Our team of engineers and designers are proficient in the fundamentals of civil engineering and combine their knowledge of CAD technology with dexterity to produce precise construction drawings. They are thoroughly conversant with the various software that are used for civil drafting.

    General Arrangement drawings – 2D CAD Services

    Additionally to construction drawings, we also provide CAD services for General Arrangement drawings. These drawings, which are available in 3D and isometric views, provide the viewer with a clear picture of intricate settings, making it easy for him to comprehend the complexities. This type of drawings is used for showcasing product drawings and master plan drawings or when you want to view a single drawing from various angles.

    We are able to provide precise construction drawings in a timely manner by collaborating closely with our clients in a spirit of partnership. This allows us to evaluate the project’s objectives in the same manner as the client, enabling us to comprehend their requirements. Added to this is our culture of transparent working that takes the customer into confidence for each and every step that we take. The progress of the project is shared with the customer who is updated regularly.

    Call us to get a quote and see what value we can add to your next project.

    Electrical Drafting

    Electrical drawing services are required for nearly all construction projects, whether commercial, industrial, or residential. Numerous architects, engineers, and contractors rely on accurate drawings to ensure a successful execution of their projects. In addition to lighting and fixture layouts, our skilled team of drafters can also provide security system layouts, termination diagrams, and circuit diagrams, among other services. We have a highly skilled team that looks after the engineering part.

    We provide dedicated employees for our clients who are able to work exclusively for one client at a time. This rare quality of our service affords clients the opportunity to receive timely delivery of high-quality services. The clients can increase or decrease the number of remote workers based on what they need. 

    Designing Security Systems – 2D CAD Services

    • Fire Alarm Panel
    • Public Address System
    • CCTV Layout (Close Circuit Television)
    • Access Control Panel
    • Vesda System (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
    • Rodent Control System
    • WLD System (Water Leak Detection)
    • System Architectural / Schematic Layout
    • Isometric Presentation

    Drafting of Electrical Layouts – 2D CAD Services

    • Lighting & Power Layout
    • SLD (Single Line Diagram)
    • Circuit Diagram
    • Isometric Presentation

    Engineering Drafting

    Engineering Design & Drafting – 2D CAD Services

    Since the year 2000, Hand Drawings To CAD has been delivering CAD Services worldwide as a leading GIS and CAD firm. When it comes to architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and electronic engineering design and drawing, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

    Large-scale civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, piping, and instrumentation engineering drawings; architectural and facility drawings (floor plans, section & elevation plans, 3D modeling & rendering); contour maps; ground cadaster plans; utility distribution networks maps for electric, gas, water, sewage, and telecom; and raster to vector conversion are all part of the Hand Drawings To CAD service.

    Our 2D CAD Services are backed by our team’s proficiency with AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation, ArchiCAD, ADT, Revit, ZWCAD, and 3D Studio Max, among other programs.
    Hand Drawings To CAD is an ISO 9001-2000 accredited AutoCAD Drafting Services supplier offering drafting services for architects, engineers and construction firms. In addition to 2D and 3D design drafting, we also offer AutoCAD rendering services and can do it all at a reasonable price.

    Any kind of AutoCAD service need can be met promptly and precisely by Hand Drawings To CAD. Because of our extensive background in the field, we are capable of meeting even the most complicated, extensive, and sophisticated demands for AutoCAD services without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

    AutoCAD continues to be a popular choice among engineering design customers throughout the world due to its user-friendly interface, speed, and efficiency. AutoCAD allows users to easily import and export drawings to and from other advanced CAD and GIS mapping tools. To complete AutoCAD drafting, AutoCAD rendering, and AutoCAD design tasks, Hand Drawings To CAD employs only officially licensed versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD Raster Design, and AutoCAD Architecture.

    Hand Drawings To CAD can turn any original AEC Drawing into a fully accurate multi-layer AutoCAD drawing. If you need help making your designs look professional and precise, consider using our AutoCAD services or design drafting services. Not only are we capable of completing projects rapidly, but we have experts in AutoCAD conversion who can do so. All of our drawings are tailored to meet the unique specifications and requirements of our global clientele, and our technical experts are well-versed in AIA, DIN, and other international drawing and layering standards.

    As part of our AutoCAD and design drafting services, we can perform a wide variety of drawing conversions for a variety of technical specialties, as well as draft any type of As-Built or MEP drawing. In addition to architectural, civil, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, landscape architecture, plumbing, structural steel detailing, mechanical fabrication, 3D solid modeling, and any other AutoCAD services, HandToCAD also offers AutoCAD drafting services and AutoCAD design drafting services.

    Hand Drawings To CAD provides raster-to-vector 2D CAD services in AutoCAD, Microstation, ZWCAD, etc., and can deliver projects in fully editable multi-layer CAD formats from hand-drawn sketches or scanned images of drawings (TIFF, PDF, etc). (DWG, DGN or DXF, etc.). Our drafting services meet or exceed all requirements set forth by our clients (including line types, line weights and usage of blocks). Additionally, when working in DWG, DXF, or DGN, HandToCAD will adhere to your specified layering procedures, whether those procedures are based on AIA standards for layering or another industry standard.

    To date, Hand Drawings To CAD has completed hundreds of AutoCAD drafting jobs for a diverse set of clients all over the world. The firm markets itself to Real Estate developers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors all over the world as a provider of 2D CAD Services.

    GIS Drafting

    GIS/CAD Mapping Services – 2D CAD Services

    Accurate and up-to-date maps are needed to keep a network running, respond to emergencies, and plan for the future.As a business, you need up-to-date records to stay on track, and our GIS and CAD mapping solution can assist in removing the guesswork from geospatial management by providing you with precise data.

    Customers, communities, and businesses are all at risk when you rely on outdated paper records and services that rely on a small number of people. By offering visualizations in a map format that can be used to graphically express concepts or patterns that may not be easily noticed in raw data, Hand Drawings To CAD GIS/CAD services remove the guesswork from geospatial management and ensure your organization is on the correct path.

    Whether you have paper maps or digital ones, our GIS/CAD experts can convert them to the current standards and make sure they are up to par with your requirements. With our cloud-based system, you can keep track of all of your plant and operational CAD files as well. Using real-time geo-referenced intelligence, our technological resources, tried-and-true processes, and systems help ensure business continuity, improve operational efficiency, and cut down on reporting errors.

    MEP Drafting


    Hand Drawings To CAD offers MEP drafting services that enable the creation of detailed coordination drawings of various systems, thereby enabling a more effective collaboration between multiple engineering trades. Our clients include general contractors, engineering firms, consulting firms, specialty contractors, and fabricators in the MEP industry. Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical shop drawings are coordinated by resolving conflicts between trades and determining the most efficient pathways. Fabrication details and installation sites are meticulously integrated in the MEP shop drawings.

    During the design phase of a project, Hand Drawings To CAD assists engineering consultants in developing MEP design drawings, which are then used to develop MEP detailed design drawings and construction drawings. Contractors in the HVAC industry come to us because of our proficiency in generating HVAC CAD drafting services, which include coordinated duct and shop drawings. We also offer electrical and plumbing drafting for construction companies. Offsite fabrication is aided by accurate fabrication drawings, which decrease waste and shorten production times. Post-construction, we also supply owners and facility managers with revised drawings called “As-builts” that incorporate site markups.

    Manufacturing Drafting

    What is Manufacturing Drafting?

    A manufacturing drafter creates, designs, and implements blueprints for the various components used in the production process.

    Here at Hand Drawings To CAD, Inc. At Inc., we do not outsource any of our manufacturing services, so we save you the trouble of managing third-party contractors.

    Understanding Manufacturing  2D CAD Services

    Our CAD specialists have in-depth understanding of a variety of manufacturing tools and techniques, and they collaborate closely with your group to bring your vision to life.

    Infrastructure drawings, mechanical assembly drawings, and equipment layout drawings are all within the expertise of Hand Drawings To CAD.