3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services
3D Rendering Services
3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

  • Gorgeous 3D rendering services that powers your marketing & sales

    The term “3D rendering” refers to the process of taking a digital 3D model of an object and producing a photorealistic 2D representation that can be viewed on a screen. Rendering is the last step before an image or animation is shown to an audience. Different CAD programs and dedicated 3D rendering programs automate the rendering process in different ways, but it still takes the work of a skilled CAD designer to produce high-quality renderings that fool the eye into thinking they are looking at real objects.

    Many of the finely nuanced texturing and lighting effects that give a great image the impression of depth and three-dimensionality are applied during the rendering stage. Rendering is analogous to photographing a 3D model in some respects. Unlike a photograph of the real thing, a rendering of a 3D model often looks more lifelike than the real thing itself.  
    Depending on the size, complexity, and resolution of the image, the rendering process can take several hours or even days to finish. In terms of 3D rendering, our seasoned artists are well-versed in many different approaches, such as:

    ✓ Z-buffer triangle rasterization

    ✓ HDR rendering

    ✓ Scanline rendering

    ✓ Wireframe rendering

    ✓ Ray-tracing

    ✓ Path-tracing

    ✓ Radiosity

    ✓ And more!

    Whether you’re looking for impressive concept models, marketing materials, or video game and animation content, the expert 3D designers on HandToCAD’s roster are to work with you. 

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    Top-quality 3D rendering services and CAD modeling solutions

  • HandToCAD stands apart from conventional design firms and outsourcing companies. Rather than merely providing a platform for clients to hire freelancers, we go a step further and connect clients directly with talented freelance designers who have been vetted and pre-qualified.

  • We select designers for our clients based on the specific needs of their projects and our past working relationships with top-ranking 3D artists. Put your time toward working on your project or managing your business and let us worry about finding the perfect 3D modeler for you.

  • HandToCAD is able to connect you with a high-quality 3D rendering services company at a fraction of the cost of traditional design firms by leveraging digital technologies and efficient business methods. Unlike a physical store, we don’t have to spend as much on things like heating and cooling, so more of your money can go toward paying for professional designers.

  • Another way in which we stand out is by providing services that are entirely tailored to the particulars of each client’s project. HandToCAD is here to connect you with the services you need within a framework that fits your budget, whether you’re a solopreneur seeking assistance in bringing your product to market or a design studio outsourcing some 3D rendering work to meet an impending deadline.

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    Find expert 3D rendering freelancers for your CAD project

  • We’re flexible in terms of the CAD programs we can use to collaborate with you. All of our designers are well-versed in and proficient with the following cutting-edge design programs:

    ✓ SolidWorks

    ✓ KeyShot

    ✓ AutoCAD

    ✓ 3ds Max (3D Studio Max)

    ✓ PTC Creo

    ✓ Flash 8

    ✓ Rhinoceros (Rhino 3D)

    ✓ Autodesk Maya

    ✓ Adobe Premiere Pro

    ✓ CATIA by Dassault

    ✓ Photoshop Creative Suite

    ✓ Unity 3D

    ✓ Trimble SketchUp (Google)

    ✓ V-Ray by Chaos Group

    ✓ And more!

  • Simply specify the design software you need, and HandToCAD will find a designer who is proficient in it.
    Customers who have already constructed their 3D models and are in need of a 3D designer can take advantage of our CAD rendering services. If you need a high-quality model developed before we can move on to the rendering stage, check out our extensive 3D modeling services.

  • All of your 3D modeling, 3D CAD design, and CAD drafting requirements can be met by HandToCAD. Inventors, business owners, architects, and engineers are among our most loyal customers. 

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      Rendering methods for your project

      Do you know which 3D rendering technique would be ideal for your work? Weigh your priorities for speed and photorealism. Some rendering techniques are less demanding on the GPU but produce less lifelike results, and vice versa.
      When working with HandToCAD, you can select 3D rendering methods that are optimized for your specific requirements. Our CAD artists are experts at both real-time and conventional rendering techniques.
      Professional, In-Situ Rendering

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    • The graphics processing unit (GPU) of the computer displays each frame instantly in real-time rendering. A video game that displays a 3D world that the player can interact with is one such example. The human visual system requires at least 24 frames per second in order to give the impression of motion. The goal of real-time rendering is photorealism at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.
      However, this does not mean that quality must be compromised. Currently available processors are among the most powerful ever made.

    • Professional CAD designers at HandToCAD are well-versed in 3D rendering techniques like Z-buffer triangle rasterization, high dynamic range rendering, and real-time ray tracing, and can use these tools to create stunning visuals for your real-time software. 

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      Z-Buffer triangle rasterization

    • The results of using a z-buffer for rasterizing triangles are top-notch, and the technique also has one major benefit: it’s quick. So, it’s perfect for rendering in real time. In fact, Z-buffer triangle rasterization is widely used in real-time rendering to bring 3D content to a flat display.

    • As the name suggests, Z-buffer triangle rasterization uses triangle meshes to represent objects. In the world of computer graphics, triangles are the most basic “primitive” shape. They are always convex and have only three vertices or edges. Graphics processing units (GPUs) can handle millions of triangles per frame. Triangles are a versatile building block that can be used to create almost anything.

    • Our CAD specialists then use a process called “triangle rasterization” to transform the triangles into pixels. Finally, Z-buffering controls how far into the scene each triangle appears. You can find some form of z-buffering, either hardware or software, in virtually any modern computer or mobile device. To ensure the correct surfaces are displayed when objects overlap, the depth (Z-value) of each pixel in the image is saved in a buffer.

    • To this day, z-buffer triangle rasterization remains one of the most refined and widely used rendering methods available. Modern, graphically intensive games have millions of triangles packed into their objects and environments. The need for ever-faster processors is understandable given that a 4K display contains more than eight million pixels.
      The CAD experts at HandToCAD use cutting-edge 3D rendering techniques to produce eye-popping real-time renderings. 

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      HDR rendering

      Our eyes are incredible organs. In conjunction with the brain, it enhances our ability to detect subtle differences in illumination and make out fine details. Since computer and television screens aren’t as good as the human eye, high dynamic range (HDR) rendering attempts to create the most realistic image possible. With HDR, “bright things can be bright, dark things can be really dark, and details can be seen in both,” as stated by NVIDIA, a company specializing in GPU technology.

    • If high dynamic range (HDR) rendering isn’t used, the contrast ratio of a regular screen will automatically clip black and white areas. High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays a wider range of brightness levels using tone mapping and other methods. The result is a maintenance of fine detail even in the whitest of whites and the blackest of blacks. Increased surface luminosity is another technique HDR employs to make an object or scene seem brighter.

    • Using HDR is a common practice in the gaming industry.
      One of the first real-time applications to use a shader similar to high dynamic range was Riven: The Sequel to Myst. The technology was further developed by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 and Valve Software’s Source Engine. HDR gaming is currently supported by PC, PS4 Slim and Pro, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

    • HDR content can only be viewed on HDR-capable displays, such as the iPhone X or an HDR-ready television or computer monitor. In comparison to the standard 100 nits for a typical TV, HDR displays can achieve 1,000 nits or more at peak brightness. 

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      HandToCAD’s real-time 3D rendering service pros can work with you on your HDR 3D rendering project.