Why does one need 3D CAD Modelling of Mechanical Components?

Our clients were required to have existing product components, but no 3D CAD models. Consequently, mechanical component 3D CAD models are necessary. We are able to create a library of 3D components for brochures, catalogs, and manufacturing. We are producing three-dimensional images accompanied by tangible objects. We provide both the client’s CAD file and our own.

Our clients lack information about existing parts and components. As a result, we offer an appropriate reverse engineering solution for subcomponents of components. We provide our clients with mechanical design and product development assistance.

The 3D CAD Models used for

  • Updating our customers 3D CAD library

  • 3D Printing

  • New Manufacturing Drawings

  • Assembly Drawings

Many engineers make the error of attempting to include all part information on an assembly drawing. To avoid this, keep in mind the function of these engineering drawings throughout the process creation. They facilitate the assembly process.

This is accomplished through the use of exploded views, numbered parts, section views, general dimensions, cutouts, and detail views (or close-ups). It is evident where each component belongs and how it is attached, whether it requires welding, bolted connections, riveting, or something else. The bill of materials ensures that information regarding part numbers, names, and quantities is readily available.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, we will assist in the creation of assembly drawings that make life easier on the shop floor. A great piece of advice I once received was to keep the thinking in the living room. At later stages, avoiding multiple interpretation possibilities can significantly reduce the number of errors.


How does the process work?

We either use supply 2D drawings or measure supplied components to create the 3D CAD models.


What do we supply?

From the new 3D CAD models, we:

Offer 3D CAD models in Solidworks, STEP or IGES format

Help to create new Manufacturing drawings

Create flat patterns

Create Renderings


How much does it cost?

Our fixed prices for a job are determined by the quantity and complexity of the components. We establish mean complexity or complexity groups for which we agree on a price with large quantities. Generally, we are able to quote from images sent via email.