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Blueprints to CAD blueprint to CAD
Blueprints to CAD blueprint to CAD

HandToCAD’s Blueprints to CAD Conversion services can produce a Perfect CAD file. Your completed file(s) will be to scale, dimensionally accurate, and layered to your specifications.

We provide all types of conversion services, including: 

  • Paper to AutoCAD

  • PDF / Tiff to AutoCAD

  • Raster to Vector 

  • Re-Drafting Services

You can use HandtoCAD‘s time-saving procedure to transform your scanned raster images or paper drawings into a high-quality CAD file (CAD). Raster to vector conversion, CAD conversion, and digitization are all terms for this process.

This method is perfect for converting drawings that need to be dimensionally accurate and can be edited in a wide variety of CAD programs, such as architectural and engineering drawings, as-builts, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, maps, and many more.

Our paper to CAD conversion services can be used in many industries including: 

  • Architectural / Interior Designing / Landscaping

  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC etc.)

  • Utilities (Gas, Electric, Sewer, Water) 

  • Facilities and Plant Management 

  • Mapping and GIS 

  • Building Construction

  • Manufacturing

WE CREATE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT: We do not use conversion software due to the lack of accuracy; line dimensions, scale, and text are not always accurately converted when utilizing auto conversion software.

However, we can have your drawings re-drafted in AutoCAD or one of many other CAD programs by our trained drafters. Taking these steps guarantees a superior end result. Whether it’s a hand sketch, a complex paper drawing, scribbled survey notes, or something else entirely, our highly skilled and experienced team can interpret it and turn it into a complete set of plans with consistent and diligent quality control.

We have a wide variety of services available, and we’ll be happy to customize them to meet your needs. Drawings are to scale and reflect the actual size of the object. We are able to adhere to your specifications regarding the use of layers, colors, text style, dimensional style, borders, and title blocks.


The first step is for you to send us the files in tif or pdf format, or the hard copies.
Second, we have a professional CAD team look over your paperwork.
Third, we’ll give you a quote and estimated delivery date.

What we Do

Blueprints to CAD Services

Blueprints to CAD Conversion – Resources When You Need Them

If you need to convert your designs to CAD, but only occasionally, it can be difficult to determine how to allocate resources within your organization. This may disappoint you if you need to digitize your blueprints but are unsure whether you should delegate this task to someone at home who has never performed it before. CAD files must look their best in a variety of circumstances. You must have faith that your blueprint-to-CAD conversion requirements will be met, but at what cost?

You need not constantly be aware of the need to convert blueprints to CAD. A drawing expert can assist. We are on-call for your blueprint to CAD conversion needs. Obviously, we do it in a way that saves time and money, and we don’t have to add expensive equipment or hire someone full-time or part-time to meet this need.

The Specific Challenge – Convert Blueprints to CAD

The reality is that everything is going digital in some form or another these days, and regardless of your situation, this means that you will not only have to perform this task occasionally but also change file formats. Frequently, this requires converting those PDF-formatted blueprints. This can be anything but simple for the majority of common technology users, and errors in this regard can be costly. For example, if you needed to convert a Blueprints to CAD, could you do so without issue? Is there someone on your team who can handle this responsibility? If not, do you believe you will need to hire someone to fulfill this need if it arises?

If you answered “no” to any or all of these questions, it is likely that you occasionally need to convert Blueprints to CAD, but not frequently enough to justify an ongoing investment. It is also likely that neither you nor anyone on your team possesses the skills necessary to handle this situation. There is nothing wrong with that, as The HandToCAD assist individuals in your position daily.

Take a closer look at our PDF to CAD and blueprints to CAD conversion services to see for yourself how simple this process can be when you work with professionals like us. You only need the ability to communicate with us, and we only need a few days to complete the project or projects. It will be as if you have someone on your team who can convert PDF to CAD without having to pay salary and other expenses associated with a full-time employee who may not be required full-time. Move forward with the assurance that you will never again need to be concerned about blueprint to CAD conversion.