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Our CAD Drafting Service offers Schematic Drawings to your specification

What is schematic drawing?

Schematic Drawings are types of electrical or mechanical system diagrams. They are high-level diagrams that explain how something functions or how individual parts interact. We create standard symbols primarily using wiring diagrams, symbols, and lines. We generate electrical diagrams, such as schematic symbols, piping instrument diagrams, etc.
In a concept or early design, schematics are used to outline a design and its principles.

On a subway map, for instance, a dot is intended to represent a subway station. It is not intended for the dot to resemble the actual station. It aims to provide the viewer with information without unnecessary visual clutter.

In addition, a schematic diagram of a chemical process includes symbols representing the vessels, piping, valves, pumps, and other equipment in minute detail. It composes the system, emphasizing the functions of the individual elements and their interrelationships while obscuring their exact physical characteristics. In an electronic circuit diagram, the layout of the symbols may not correspond to the physical appearance of the circuit board. Instead of depicting the physical appearance of the circuit, the schematic attempts to capture its operation on a more general level.

What do we do?

Utilizing an electrical circuit, we create electrical and mechanical diagrams in CAD. Typically, it is created in a 2D format using software like AutoCAD. We utilize standard symbols from our symbol library or yours.

What information do we require?

For schematics, we use hand-drawn sketches or outdated CAD data to convey the intended message. The sketches or photographs are provided on paper, as images, or in PDF format.

What do we deliver?

Schematic diagrams using AIA American Standards in PDF & DWG format.

How much does a schematic cost?

Our philosophy is to provide fixed-price quotes whenever possible. The price of a schematic is determined by its complexity. We typically provide a fixed price based on an image.
Drafting Design Software and Instruments

Our Expert Drafters are versatile enough to utilize any software capable of processing accurate data. We efficiently manage Drafting and Design projects utilizing AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Solidworks, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, and 3D Studio Max.