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Matterport Drafting Services
How Matterport works
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Matterport Drafting Services

Matterport is the industry standard for three-dimensional spatial capture. Its all-encompassing platform converts real-world environments into immersive digital twin simulations. Matterport is so much more than a panoramic scanner; it allows users to capture and connect rooms to create dynamic 3D models of environments.

The Matterport Advantage

Immersive 3D models are the most effective tool for linking people and locations in order to improve cooperation and accelerate project management. Matterport makes it simple to build digital twins that are great for presenting for-sale or for-rent properties, planning construction projects, and recording unique locations.

After scanning, the next step is simple, contact us!  We will provide an exact cost and timeframe before commencing on your project, so there will be no surprises later on!

Matterport has established the benchmark for 3D space capture. The precision and detail of Matterport 3D models are unparalleled.

Some of Silicon Valley’s finest engineers have been perfecting Matterport’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The quality of their models distinguishes them by giving the most realistic digital experiences possible. Dozens of patents held by Matterport, guaranteeing that your 3D models are of the highest quality.

Anyone, regardless of experience level or skill set, is able to produce captivating 3D tours.

Whether you perform the scan yourself or employ a 3D Pro, Matterport’s automatic processing takes your scans, sharpens the photos, and combines them to create an immersive digital duplicate of your actual environment. All you need is the free Matterport capture software and a Matterport account to begin scanning, editing, and sharing 3D models.

Our matterport drafting services are:

Dimensionally accurate – We match the dimensions shown on the drawing. Dimensions shown on the original are included in the CAD file. Any discrepancies will be addressed.

Scale – We match the scale, if they are shown. If they are not shown then we match the original print scale or raster image.

Text – 100% accurate and consistent text.

QC – Each CAD file is completely checked and are guaranteed accuracy using repeat checking procedures.

Titleblock – We insert a standard titleblock with basic information to identify the drawing which you can either keep or we can use the titleblock drawn.

Areas drawn – We draw everything shown on the drawing except for signatures, approval stamps, crossed-out text, and crossed-out views. By eliminating these areas (which many customers don’t want anyway) we can keep your costs as low as possible.

Layers – We use standard layers (such as AIA) for clear separation of information.

Linetypes, blocks, hatching – We add these to exactly match the original.

What Can Hand To CAD Matterport Drafting Services ? Do For You

Matterport Drafting Services Since 2002 HandToCAD

As a global leader in matter port services, we provide our clients with extraordinarily quick, competent, and high-quality 3D scanning services regardless of the type of property, be it a resort, building site, event space, or residential area. At HandToCAD, we can seamlessly convert your Matterport scans into 2D drawings, 3D models, and 3DS files. Our clients only need to provide us with a relevant port-related URL link, and we will do the rest of the work. Send us an email or give us a call at any time, and we will offer you the optimal business solution.

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