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Engineering Drafting Services
Engineering Drafting Services

Professional Engineering Drafting Services
Include redline markings on drawings.

CAD drawings incorporate redline annotations. The redline markup drawings can be added when the drawing is redrawn from scratch or they can be added to CAD files that already exist.

Paper Redline Markings:

Redline markup drawings can be submitted as hardcopy markups with new changes (redline drawing example at right). As the sheet is redrawn as part of the HandToCAD drafting process, the changes will be added.

Electronic Markups for Redlines:

Existing AutoCAD, Microstation, and Revit CAD files can be updated in accordance with redline annotations. You must submit the existing AutoCAD DWG, Microstation DGN, or Revit RVT files, as well as the corresponding markup sheets. Our CAD operators will update the existing CAD files with your modifications.

When preparing redline markup drawings, it is essential to write neatly and clearly so that the changes can be understood. You can also make redline annotations with Adobe Acrobat and the different electronic commenting tools.

Create your markups in the following manner:

RED: Modifications to be made to CAD Files

BLUE: Only for the attention of our CAD operators.

Engineering Drafting Services

Hand To CAD is your one-stop shop for all of your structural Engineering CAD drafting service needs.
Our company has over 20 years of experience providing structural drafting services in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Europe. We’ve been taking care of our client partners, who are in industries like steel fabrication, engineering consulting, construction, and more.

Our Structural Engineering CAD Drafting Services team is comprised of highly experienced structural drafters. They ensure that our CAD drafting projects adhere to the nation’s regulations, codes, and standards. In addition, they include standard methods for referencing industry-standard line work, callouts, notations, dimensions, symbols, and welding and finish annotations. Our Structural CAD Drafting Services are available for all types and sizes of residential, commercial, and other infrastructure projects.

Our expertise includes:

Construction drawings
and blueprints
Fabrication Drawings for Individual Parts/Fittings Drawings of Sections and Specifics
GA Drawings
Construction Plans
Anchor Bolt Specifications
Connection diagrams
Steel 3D CAD model Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

The value of utilizing structural engineering drafting services and its advantages:

Structural drafting is used to create engineering drawings of the building’s structural elements and focuses on the building’s or support infrastructure’s system, including beams, columns, and foundations, among others. These drawings, which are created by structural engineers and drafters, aid in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, sports complexes, universities, and infrastructure facilities such as bridges, train stations, metro stations, and airports, among others. All of the drawings are 2D and include details like the general layout, plan, elevation, and sections, as well as foundation plans, structural framing layouts, structural joist details and reinforcement, reinforced concrete detailing (RCC detailing), R.C.C. beam framing and drawings, etc.

Structural CAD drafting provides numerous benefits. Several of these are discussed below:


The structural CAD drawings will have exact measurements and lists of the materials that will be needed to build the building.


Accurate CAD drawings of structural elements will provide the contractor with a clear understanding of the required materials and labor force. And because every unused human and material resource is a loss for the client, the drawings will help the contractor save money by bringing only the necessary resources.

Fair quotation

There is very little room for error given that the drawings contain all the minute details of the structural components, including the quality and quantity of each element. This transparency assists the client in obtaining a reasonable quote to maximize his profit.

Rapid turnaround

Detailed structural drawings serve as an ideal guide for on-site personnel. Since these drawings are accurate, there is no room for error. This enables the specialists to complete the project without interruptions or delays.

Employing Our Drafting Services

Why we are the best option to meet all of your needs
We consistently provide structural drafting services that meet or exceed client requirements.

Our highly qualified and experienced drafters have worked in the AEC industry for over 20 years. They are all current with international building codes and standards. Our cost flexibility will not strain your budget and will increase your profit margins. We will assign you a project manager who will work closely with you and your organization to keep you informed at all times. All of our professionals are fluent in English to ensure clear and efficient communication. Our expert engineers are able to meet all of your deadlines, guaranteeing quick turnaround.