Civil CAD Drafting Services

Civil CAD Drafting Services

Drafting and drawing in the field of civil engineering is crucial in the planning and development of infrastructure like buildings, highways, bridges, and pipelines. When working on large-scale infrastructure projects, technical drawings must be 100% accurate. The primary means by which the civil engineering designer conveys to the builders the precise instructions necessary to complete the project.

So much depends on the accuracy of the technical drawings that you’ll want to make sure you’re employing competent draftspeople. HandToCAD introduces you to the best drafters in the industry who have already been vetted and have a track record of providing outstanding service. We provide professional drafting services at affordable rates for businesses and individuals, including engineering firms that want to outsource some of their drafting work

Flexible civil drafting services for any application

When compared to competing design firms, HandtoCAD stands out as a clear winner. Professionals, corporate clients, and entrepreneurs alike can take advantage of our full suite of drafting, design, and architectural services, all in one place. Civil drafting services are available from our top-tier team of CAD drafters and designers for any scale of project.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • Topographical and relief maps

  • Project plans using cutting edge CAD drafting technology

  • Road and highway plans

  • Draining and sewage system

  • Pipeline plans

  • Engineering drawing

  • Architecture engineering

  • 2D to 3D conversions

  • Freelance 3D modeling

BIM Modeling Solutions

  • The term “Building Information Modeling” refers to a technique for creating a digital representation of a building’s physical and operational features. BIM models are useful not only during the planning and construction phases of a building’s lifecycle, but also during subsequent phases, such as construction management, cost management, and ongoing facility operation. Among the many BIM offerings we have for customers are:

  • CAD to BIM conversion

  • Design development

  • Construction documentation

  • Model renderings

  • Structural and MEP design

What is civil engineering?

Structural CAD drawings created by civil drafters are used by civil engineers in design, planning, and even construction. Engineers were needed for nearly every structure, road, and water system. Architecture, surveying, transportation, and materials science are all subfields of civil engineering.

What is civil drafting?

Draftspeople in the civil engineering industry. Together, they can accomplish more and do better at their jobs. Professionals in civil drafting produce drafts and drawings for use by civil engineers. Every day, they contribute to a wide variety of infrastructure projects, including bridges, dams, roads, pipelines, and waterworks.

Plans and maps are created by drafters, who are responsible for the overall production process. They can be designed in either 2D CAD or 3D CAD, depending on the needs of the project. Unlike 3D drafts, which display all three dimensions, 2D drafts only display two, usually height and width.

HandtoCAD offers drafting services to architects, individuals, and businesses, all of which are tailored to meet the unique needs and deadlines of each individual project. You can get the specialized assistance you require on an as-needed basis by contracting professionals for either a set period of time or on an ongoing basis.
Our network of professional CAD designers and drafters is prepared to take on your design project from the design phase all the way through to the construction drawings, whether you need someone to help you from the very beginning or you just need a little extra help to meet a rush deadline.

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Professional civil drawings and site drawings for you

You can rely on HandtoCAD’s expert CAD drafters and designers. Rather than spending time interviewing and vetting potential candidates, HandtoCAD matches you with experienced, vetted CAD freelancers who can meet your exact specifications. Every one of our projects comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that your design will match your specifications exactly.

We are pleased to provide services that make use of modern design software. Each of our independent designers and draftspeople is an expert in cutting-edge CAD software. AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ArchiCad, Microstation, Vectorworks, Cobalt, SolidEdge, and TurboCad are just some of the CAD programs that are put to use.

3D designers, landscape architects, interior designers, mechanical drafters, and even freelance engineers all make up the HandToCAD team of architectural design and drafting experts. As a company, HandToCAD has an unmatched roster of expertise and can complete any drafting or design project on time and within budget
. Get a quote now, and get the world’s best network of CAD design experts and drafters in your corner.