CAD Conversion Importance and Hand to CAD Services

CAD Conversion converts one CAD drawing to another. As such, it includes Scan-to-CAD, the conversion of paper drawings to 2D or 3D CAD, Raster to Vector conversion, the process of converting scanned (raster) files to 2D CAD (vector) files, CAD translation, the process of converting one CAD file type to another, for example, converting an AutoCAD file to a Microstation file, and 2D to 3D CAD Conversion, which requires converting 2D vector files to 3D files with depth BIM Conversion adds building information to 3D drawings, enabling “cradle to grave” building management and maintenance.

Why convert paper to CAD?

Digital documents are practically timeless. Digital CAD drawings won’t fade, tear, or deteriorate, and with some planning, they’ll be easy to find. No more lost drawings! Digital CAD drawings don’t require much storage space, so you can save money. Digital CAD drawings are safe, non-fading, searchable, and viewable by multiple users. Digital CAD drawings are the norm in architecture because paper drawings are too time-consuming.

How to convert Hand to CAD?

We recommend a specialized service bureau. This means finding a company with the knowledge and equipment to scan your paper drawings and create HandCAD Perfect files. Whether you’re a small or large company, you want your drawings converted with precision and dimensional accuracy. HandToCAD Services, Inc. can convert paper site plans, floor plans, elevations, etc. to HandtoCAD Perfect files. People worry that they will need to outsource their Hand to CAD conversion work to India or another off-shore location because of the cost. False! HandToCAD Services, Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A. has perfected the Hand to CAD conversion process and introduced efficiencies that allow them to provide this service at prices that rival Indian companies! Why you should switch to CAD Data loss is unlikely. High-quality, accurate HandtoCAD Perfect drawings E-mail and other electronic communication improve information flow and drawing sharing. Electronic document retrieval and printing is faster. EDM and PDM systems can maintain digital CAD drawings.

What else can CAD service do?

A good CAD company can help you convert 2D paper drawings into 3D CAD drawings, digitize floor plans, and create architectural drafting and detailing services, such as house plans. Instead of converting 2D paper drawings to CAD, consider 3D. This applies to architectural drawings like Site Plans, Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plans, Foundation Plans, Electrical Plans, HVAC, etc.
Choose a CAD conversion service with in-house talent over one that hires freelancers. This guarantees a talented team for your projects. Most competent service companies will accept hand-drawn or *.tif or *.jpg source documents. These can be converted to *.dwg (AutoCAD) or other CAD files. HandToCAD Services, Inc. can provide raster to vector conversion, dimensioning, Concrete Reinforcement Detailing, Rebar Quantity Estimating, and Detailed Placement Drawings.

Make sure the CAD conversion company you choose uses advanced tools and technologies and can offer “best in class” drafting services in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, Chief Architect, and Revit Architecture. CAD Service Company Services CAD Conversion and Drafting Sections and elevations CAD CAD floor plan CAD layout and landscaping Scannable print-to-CAD vector conversion Working CAD drawing Service dimensioning Electrical CAD CAD-drawn furniture CAD HVAC Interior design and CAD CAD and reflected ceiling plan Sanitation and piping CAD plan CAD sewer and drainage plan Layout CAD CAD design

Paper drawings to CAD: 8 reasons

CAD programs have replaced pencil and paper for most design work. Many organizations still have a lot of paper design drawings. If not converted to CAD files, these paper drawings will be lost. Permanent digital documents. Paper documents deteriorate. Paper drawings require a lot of storage space, but CAD drawings can be stored in low-cost computer memory or the cloud. Digital drawings are secure, non-fading, searchable, and viewable by multiple users. Most design industries scan paper drawings. Many companies convert paper drawings to CAD.

Why convert hand-drawn to CAD?

Data loss is unlikely. Cost-effective revisions Cost-effective storage Digital filing standardization High-quality, accurate drawings Electronic document retrieval and printing is faster. CAD drawings can be consistently high-quality. EDM and PDM integration. Hand-to-CAD conversion Scan paper drawings to convert them to CAD files. Not many organizations have the experience or equipment to convert paper drawings well. Many companies outsource Hand to CAD. Hand to CAD conversion requires a clean scan because image quality affects the final product. Blended lines in a scan will produce an inaccurate CAD file. Next, convert the scanned image to AutoCAD or another CAD vector format. This process uses heads-up digitizing, commercial Rastor to Vector software, custom CAD conversion scripts and software, or a combination of all three. An experienced CAD conversion outsource company can determine the best method.