As part of our high-quality PDF to CAD conversion services, Hand To CAD has a team of PDF to DWG conversion specialists.

If you wish to convert your architectural drawings from PDF to CAD, Archdraw Outsourcing offers CAD conversion services. The conversion of PDF to CAD facilitates the archiving, recovery, duplication, and editing of drawings. We have been providing CAD conversion services for over two decades and are familiar with international standards and regulations.

We will convert your PDF scanned images to CAD drawings if you provide them to us. We are professional CAD conversion service providers with a lengthy history in the industry. The skilled members of our team stay abreast of all technological developments. They use this to make better CAD-related decisions. In the PDF-to-CAD drawings and draftings, our team’s knowledge is reflected in the level of detail that they display. Once you’ve changed your drawings from PDF to AutoCAD, you can change the way they look to fit your needs.

In addition to CAD conversions, we perform conversions in other formats. Additionally, we can convert your PDF drawings to DWG format. Our CAD drafters are trained to generate multiple-format drawings per your specifications. The conversion procedure is executed with the utmost care so that no errors occur. To ensure that the converted drafting has perfect measurements and accuracy, we examine the PDF sketches in great detail. We will only be able to give you the best conversion services if you give us high-quality drawings.

With the PDF to CAD or PDF to DWG conversion service, a substantial amount of time can be saved. It does not need to be redesigned to suit the needs of the architects. Upon examining the drawing, a distinct impression of the space is obtained. It also saves time for the builders, as it can be difficult to determine the precise dimensions of a building or room from PDF drawings. These kinds of drawings are so precise that they save money and prevent failure.

DWG files are compatible with AutoCAD and other CAD/CAM applications. There are numerous tools available to convert PDF to DWG or DXF, but they have failed to produce the required accuracy and level of detail. Our extremely precise CAD formats elevate conversion tasks to a new level.

Our CAD team is capable of working on extensive CAD conversion projects. As part of our CAD drafting services, we can quickly and accurately turn PDF files into CAD files.